Welcome to the Tar Heel Reader story converter!

Tar Heel Reader is a wonderful free source of books for emergent and beginning readers. It is now possible to convert a Tar Heel Reader book into a Pictello story and read it on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch!

Follow these quick and easy steps

  1. Go to tarheelreader.org and find a story you like
  2. Copy the address of the book’s title page - Need help?

  3. Enter a valid Tar Heel Reader book url

  4. To receive an email with a link to the Pictello story, enter your email address below (optional):

    Enter a valid email address


Contact us at support@assistiveware.com for questions or problems. Learning more about Pictello? Be sure to check out our free resources!

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{! error !}
Success! Your Tar Heel Reader book has been converted into a Pictello story.

If you're on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch there are two different ways to import the story into Pictello.

  1. Tap this link: download Pictello story. In a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the size of the story and the speed of your internet, you'll be prompted to open the file in Pictello.
  2. Import the story in Pictello using this code: {! pictelloCode !} - See how

If you're on your computer

  • Download the Pictello story. Your Pictello file will be downloaded to your computer, wherever your browser usually puts downloaded files.
  • Then use iTunes File Sharing or Dropbox to import the story.
    - View tutorial for iTunes or DropBox

If you entered an email address when converting this story, you can find this information in the email that is send to you.

Conversion in progress

Converting your Tar Heel Reader book to Pictello story now.
This can take up to a minute or two.

If you have left your email address you don't have to wait: you will receive an email when all is done.